Every day Prabhu OSONIQS is getting enriched on his HANG journey and new inspirations are flowing in at their own pace.

His experience of playing HANG with many artists from Australia, Japan, UK, Gemany and India, and together with many instruments like Guitar, Shakahachi, Banjo, Violin, Piano, Flute, Saxophone, Djembe, Drum and Tabla, has expanded his vision for the next album.

The next new album will be a combination of music from HANG and other instruments. It will have a flavour of Zen and celebration.

But until then enjoy the available HANG music album "At the temple gate" and wait for a while, the door will open soon ...

"at the temple gate"

'At the temple gate' is a collection of instrumental pieces played on the HANG by Prabhu.

These HANG music compositions are to support and enhance your experience of Dance, Meditation, Relaxation, Yoga, Massage, Healing and to bring you closer to yourself ...

All HANG music composition are inspired by nature or Prabhu's own experience in meditation and celebration of life.

1 Dancing with beloved at the temple gate
2 Sparrows play at the temple gate
3 Life pulsing
4 Aalingan - Melting into beloved's embrace
5 Drifting into Nothingness
6 In the moment
7 Meaningless prayer
8 Panaghat - To the water well
9 Madamast - Lost in the divine

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at the temple gate
HANG music
intrumental CD for
Relaxation, Celebration, Meditation,
Yoga & Dance
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soul touching,
peaceful, hypnotic,
mind boggling, calming, perfect wind-down, 
different but relevant, relaxing, invigorating …"

These are the gifts of appreciation
has received
when offering his music.
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