In OSONIQS Awakening meditation, with the help of sound vibrations we awaken our three energy vibration centres in our body. Our three main OSONIQS Centres in our body are Navel, Heart and Crown. They keep our energy body in tune. 

Our OSONIQS centres

Navel centre
The beginning of our life and
our first connection point of energy exchange

Heart centre
Our present energy centre,
essential for our existence

Crown centre
Our centre for infinite possibilities
and gateway to higher wisdom

This is a 1 hour meditation and has 9 stages.

Prabhu OSONIQS realised the OSONIQS Awakening meditation while meditating in Japan. He felt the sonic vibration field which connected his three centres. Each centre was activated by a certain sound vibration; this was a new experience for him. The sound he knew but the vibration was a new realisation. Since than he has been deepening his OSONIQS Awakening meditation.

To know more about this meditations please contact Prabhu OSONIQS.


In this Heart Resonance Meditation, with the help of sound vibrations, we ignite and expand our heart energy field. This meditation is a great grounding practice and brings us into our heart energy field. It can be practiced alone, with a partner or in a group.

To know more about this meditations please contact Prabhu OSONIQS.


When we look for benefit in meditation the whole purpose of meditation is lost. Even desiring individual peace or world peace turns into a business deal or feeds our subtle ego! But if the mind is looking for some reason for meditation, here it is.

Like a musical instrument, when your OSONIQS Centres are in tune life can be melodious, singing a song of love to the divine and dancing to your heartbeat, no matter where and what situation you are in!!!.

For Whom?

Every seed has the possibility of reaching its ultimate potential, of becoming its true nature. Meditations are the energy field where, like a seed, the Soul gets nourishment and support to grow to its totality, to wholeness.


Meditation doesn't need to be serious. Lets look at our connection with our three main OSONIQS centres Navel, Heart and Crown, lightly!

We only look at our navel for belly button fluff, or we get plastic surgery to make it look cosmetically nice.

Our heart gets attention when the doctor tells us 'your BP is high' or when we fall in love (try to remember how many times you fell in love). Remember you can be brain dead and still live, but once you heart is dead …?

Our crown centre is our most unexplored energy centre. Let's not mix it up with the mind (brain), the crown centre is the centre for visioning, visualising, connecting and realisation of higher consciousness.

* * *

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