Music for Prabhu OSONIQS is like a painting on the canvas of SHUNYA (Silence, nothingness). He lets the sound of the HANG create a sonic visual of natural phenomena and the mysteries of life in their fullest.

Inspired by nature and the mysteries of life, Prabhu OSONIQS' music is vibrant, colourful and spirited, and yet at the same time it is calming, hypnotic and soul touching. His music is relevant for all occasions and for any heart.

Prabhu's music

in Concerts
enlivens the audience

in Festivals
adds to the spirit of celebration

in Meditation
brings Deeper Silence

in Dance Classes
lets the dancer melt away

in Yoga Classes
supports centring

in Schools
spellbinds kids

in Corporate Events
adds the wow factor

Prabhu's music journeys through the stillness of zen mountains in Japan to the devotional mystical landscape of India, and returns right back to the market place. Prabhu shares stories about the moments that inspired his compositions.

Nature inspired compositions include Dancing bamboo forest, Drifting into nothingness (The flow of a mountain river), Silent wind in bamboo forest, Oceanic Heart and Touched by the full moon mist.

Compositions inspired by Meditation & Devotion include Dancing with the Beloved, Zen Dancer, Lotus Heart Opening, Madamast (Lost in the divine), Being one, Glimpses of the Beloved and Sweet Tandawa.

And other compositions, reminiscent of happenings in life, include Silent song in Market place, Panghat (to the water well), Evening Bliss, Easiness is my business and African Swing.

Prabhu OSONIQS has offered HANG music at many festivals, schools, concert halls, cultural events, corporate events, temples, yoga centres, dance studios  and soirees. To mention a few: 

In Australia
• Sydney Town Hall • NSW Parliament House • Sydney Convention Center, Darling Harbour • Adelaide Festival Centre • Global Sounds - Amnesty International World Music Concert • School Counsellor Conference 2010 (NSW), Canberra • Bridgewater Primary School, South Australia • Heartspace 2011 festival • Sydney Yoga Studios - Manly Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Jois yoga • Satyananda Ashram, Mangrove Mountain • Mukti Gupteswar Shiva Temple, Minto • Govindas' Lotus Room, Darlinghurst • Parramasala Festival, Parramatta • The Conscious Club event, Sydney.  

In Japan
• Nagoya Castle • Yushoji Temple, Hazu • Sangeet Mela, Gifu • Takayama Summer Festival • Oasis Mall, Nagoya • Peace Club, Osaka • Kyoto University • Music Therapist Seminar, Tokyo • Occupational Therapist Seminar, Tokyo • Ginowan Seminar House, Okinawa.

In India
• OSHO International, Pune • Isha Yoga Ashram and School, Coimbatore • Delhi Public School, Pune • Village Music Club Event, Mumbai • Welham Girls’ School Auditorium, Deharadun • Saket Select City Walk Mall, Delhi • College & Theatre House, Amritsar • Neemrana Palace Hotel • Baajaa Gaajaa Festival, Pune • Shisha Jazz cafe, Pune.

In Europe
• Vienna Montessori School, Austria • Soul Motion workshop by Vinn Marti, Vienna • OSHO Parimal, Germany • Atisha Disco, Germany • Hamburg Soul Motion Class.

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soul touching,
peaceful, hypnotic,
mind boggling, calming, perfect wind-down, 
different but relevant, relaxing, invigorating …"

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