OSONIQS in Action is a playful sound vibration activity developed and designed by Prabhu. In this group activity Prabhu brings awareness around the power of sonic vibration and the significance of sound vibrations in our daily communication. He also presents a few simple sound vibration (OSONIQS) techniques for relaxation, self-empowerment and community development. These activities do not require singing. 

in the seminar

Introduction to
the secret of sonic vibration

New way of connecting
to self & others

Super Sonic way
to relax and release stress

Self invigorating
through music

our own soulful sound

Plus free experience of eating chocolate, it is a bonus!

Prabhu also offers examples of our spoken and unspoken response in daily life. How one word can have so many meanings if the supporting vibration changes. How collective energy vibration can effect the power of a word or a sound.


- Stay true to ourself
- Helps team building and community connection
- Mindful response to reality
- Create a harmonious energy field
- Bring joy and celebration on centre stage of life

For Whom?

These activities are suitable for all age groups. It is playful, relaxing and festive. These activities are non religious. Only evokes experience of spirited chocolism!!!

In office & workplace: Teaches team members the art of relaxation and stress release. It makes team members mindful of dealing with difficult situations and how to respond, which can benefit individual well-being as well as company productivity.

In Community: Enhances connectivity in community through playful sound activities. Allows individuals to stay true to them selves and support others.


In our daily life, we have been trained to respond mechanically. This has taken us away from our true self. In response to "Good Morning" or "How are you?" we have set mechanical answers. Have we ever mindfully tried to gauge the vibration behind our friends, families or our response to these questions? You will be surprised by the result!!!

Most of us living in the city spend the majority of our time indoors away from the natural environment. We are surrounded by non living organisms like computers, machines, TV, furniture and so on. It is a living vibration graveyard. Also slowly slowly our senses are deadened by enclosed magnetic fields and subtle noises. In contrast, living vibration and sounds of nature help us relax and rejuvenate.

* * *

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