OSONIQS TONIQS is a sound vibration session designed and developed by Prabhu. In this session, sound vibrations are used as a tonic to boost our cellular magnetic (energy) field.  

In the session

Delicate overtones
relax the mind

Sonic vibrations
recharge the cellular energy field

Melodious music
rejuvenates the soul

… So self-healing happens naturally

Prabhu consciously creates a sound and vibration field with the help of various acoustic instruments like HANG, Sansula, Ocean Drum, Tibetan Bowl, Flute and many others. These sessions are not preplanned musical composition, but they emerge in response to individual or group energy field.


OSONIQS TONIQS session is suitable for all ages, individuals or small groups. This is a great gift to yourself, friends or family.

In General: Consciously received sound vibration works like a tonic, giving a boost to our physical, mental and spiritual state. It helps reconnect us to our selves, so self-healing happens naturally.

In Pregnancy: OSONIQS TONIQS has received positive responses from the baby in the womb, and pregnant mothers have experienced unique connections with the baby through cellular vibration energy.

In Illness & Recovery: Smooth sound vibration helps to divert the mind from pain and draws awareness towards deeper relaxation. This can contribute to a speedy recovery.

In Business: A 10 to 15 minute mini session in the office can help you switch the mind off (don't worry, for a few minutes only), so you can restart fresh without going into system error or complete crash down.


In our daily life we slowly slowly accumulate stress which we hold in our physical body. This stress also weakens our energy field. OSONIQS TONIQS session help us release the tension we hold on our cellular level.

Our daily stress accumulation
- Most of us, not to miss bus or train to work
- Mums, breakfast for kids
- Students, homework
- Shoppers, did i miss that sale
- Drivers, will parking angel be there for me
- Lovers, will candlelight dinner happen tonight …
+ feel free to add your own daily basic stress

Also OSONIQS TONIQS session works as an antidote to our daily unconscious intake of noise, and our exposure to electro-magnetic fields.

Our daily noise intake
- Morning alarm (we love the most?)
- Trains, buses & cars noise
- Air-conditioner
- Micro noise of computer
+ feel free to add your own daily noises

Our daily exposure to electro-magnetic radiation
- Computer screen
- Mobile phone
- TV screen
+ feel free to add your own daily electro-magnetic exposure

* * *

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