Musical nomad Prabhu OSONIQS journeys through both the entertainment music and the conscious music world. He is at home at a concert or corporate event playing music and at same time at the temple or meditation centre offering conscious music.

He feels "When one is given the freedom to fly in the open sky, the destination is unknown. While enjoying the beauty of the journey, all of a sudden one can realise, Aha! Here I am." That is what happened with Prabhu.

Dholak - The First Love
From his early childhood Prabhu's love for rhythm and dance kept him dedicated to celebration drumming for devotional and folk music. On his musical path the Dholak (Indian Folk Drum) was his first love. Without any formal training Prabhu kept on playing Dholak at various devotional and folk gatherings. He never misses any occasion to dance, embodying the rhythm to its fullest, almost to the stage of divine bliss.

Prabhu has been on a conscious path from early childhood and is blessed to be born in a family where many seekers from different paths came and shared their experiences. Here he received the gift of 'Totality' from his father. With this gift of 'totality' (meaning to offer your total energy to whatever you are doing), Prabhu started exploring a creative life of dance, photography & music.

The Limitless Sky
Later in his life Prabhu moved to an international spiritual community of OSHO lovers who followed the path of meditation and devotion. Here the sky was limitless. It was a place where he felt he could be true to himself and allow the true flowering of his soul. A place where your dedication was more essential than your qualification. Prabhu could explore all the dimensions of his creativity through photography, videography, choreography, design, theatre, dance & music. Here he played rhythm for Kirtan devotional music, meditation, dance, east-west fusion and even for death celebrations. Offering rhythm with new age artists like Manish Vyas, Prem Joshua, Milarepa, Chinmaya Dunster and Miten & Deva Premal.

The UFO Encounter
Then in early 2006 Prabhu had a life-changing encounter with a UFO, or you could say a UMO (Unidentified Musical Object). An Italian friend asked Prabhu to play Tabla with his new UFO looking instrument HANG. The HANG (pronounced hung) has been lovingly brought into existence by two Swiss musicians and artisans, Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer in 2000.

Love at first sight would be the wrong expression.
For Prabhu it was more like: yes this is it, the feeling of oneness!

The HANG journey
Later in 2007 Prabhu received the gift of a HANG and since then his musical journey has expanded to new levels. Never in his wildest dreams did Prabhu think he would play melody. Now for the first time in Prabhu's life, music became a unification of rhythm & melody. All his experience in meditation and devotional music started crystallising into compositions. Nature provided him with an abundant source of inspiration. The rivers, the ocean, the moon, the birds, the bamboo … AHA the source is there; the only thing he needed was to tune in. Slowly Slowly he evolved a new way to play HANG, with qualities of softness, wildness, flowing, subtle sound, vibration ripples and overtone waves.

The HANG took him on a journey from festivals, meditations, dance classes, yoga classes, schools and concerts where he received the gift of a deep silence and the joy of celebration from those who listened. Prabhu even ended up playing in a pub in Australia and a few 'live houses' (small venues with live music & drinks) in Japan. But due to the low (almost zero) alcohol sales during Prabhu's performances, he never got invited again. Maybe musical intoxication was enough for the listeners.

The 'O' in OSONIQS represents the emptiness (nothingness) like Shunya (zero), and also 'O' as a circle holds the complete dance of universal energies. And 'SONIQS' stands for Sound and energy vibration.

The art of connecting to self and to universal energy
through sound vibrations & celebration.

After playing the HANG for a few years Prabhu realised the affects of sound vibration on his body and in his life. In 2010 while meditating in Japan he experienced a deep connection between three resonating centres of his body.
He felt the vibration of a soundless sound resonating through his whole body. Resonance of sound connected three centres of his energy. The OSONIQS experience was born. Since than Prabhu has been integrating this OSONIQS experience in his life, incorporating OSONIQS as part of his name Prabhu OSONIQS.

The journey continues ...

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